Be well

Work with us 1:1 to release stress and create space for healing on all levels with individualized, guided and healing meditations and/or meditation instruction. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you.

Whether you are ready to schedule a service, or just get more information, please get in touch below.

COVID-19 Stress Relief Mini – Sessions

Offering a limited number of 30 minute, guided relaxation meditations with energy healing at a discounted rate of $20.

Are you a first responder or front line worker? Let me know in advance of your session, and your session is free!

Remote Guided, Healing Meditations

An individualized, guided and healing mediation that is personalized for you, and done remotely, over the phone or Zoom. After a brief introductory chat, all you need to do is have a quiet space, lie back, close your eyes and listen, as you are led into a state of relaxation and Reiki healing.

Please allow 60 minutes. $100 Investment .

Guided Meditations for Download

Download mp3 meditations to listen to on your own time. A range of relaxation and healing options are available.

Let’s work together to be well.

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