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We originally designed Stillwell Advantage Solution for Sales to offers mindfulness consulting, skill-based workshops and everyday meditation skills to create a business environment poised for success, with a sales focus. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented challenges being experienced by all business, remote sessions are now being offered to businesses of all kinds. Get in touch below.

Mindfulness Consulting

On-site Stillwell Advantage Solutions for Sales sessions have been suspended until June, 2021 due to COVID-19. Please check back for updates.

Mindfulness Classes

Currently offering 1 hour remote sessions to any business, interested in providing its’ employees easy stress reduction and meditation techniques.

All sessions are conducted using your company video conferencing account, participants must have cameras on. Minimum 4 participants.

Guided Meditations

All classes come with a time-limited discount for employees to purchase downloadable mp3s to use as a guided meditation.

Investment starts at $200 for a 1 hour session to staff + 15 minute prep call with organizer. Handouts will be provided after the session.

Stillwell Solutions for Sales was specifically designed with Sales organizations in mind, offering mindfulness consulting, skill-based workshops and group meditation classes to create a business environment poised for success. Sales-specific sessions are still being offered.

Let’s work together to do well.

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